Our Maxims

Myron's Maxims are compressed articulations of fundamental systems theory, rules of thumb to keep in mind when you are designing any change initiative.

People own what they help create

We do not believe that strategy and policy designed remotely from the people who must deliver it is ever well implemented. It is better to design well a strategy with the people who must work with it than to implement poorly a brilliantly thought out strategy that is developed elsewhere.

Real change happens in real work

We understand the need for policy and strategy, indeed, we consider it vital and at the same time, nothing is changed if people live the same lives and receive the same care. We therefore look to use very specific issues faced people as the start point for our work.


Those who do the work do the change

It is therefore vital to work with those whose work is directly with the people we are looking to serve. By bringing together their unique and diverse perspectives we build a picture with them of what they do and how it together adds up to the experience. In Oslo this also means that the elderly and their families form a part of our work.

Connect the system to more of itself

To make sense of complex social systems like caring for older people in Oslo requires many perspectives to be brought together. No one person or group could ever understand the whole process. To release the collective intelligence in the system we must build strong and open relationships between all the players and also between you and us.

Start anywhere follow it everywhere

We believe social systems are inherently networked. This means the exact start point for our work is not critical. What is vital is to follow what this initial work shows us wherever it leads. We do not therefore seek to tell you where the work must begin, instead we follow your energy and enthusiasm and common sense view of where is most important.

The process you use to get to the future is the future you get

© Myron Rogers